Our Additional Features

We have the aim to provide capital to fast growing e-Commerce merchants and project insights on their business. We are built for providing sustainable capital coupled to analytics solutions.

Probability Models

  • We predict your likelihood of customer repetitive purchase

  • Provide drivers for your customer repetitive purchase

  • Plan marketing campaigns

Promotional Pricing

  • Understand the best price to maximize your profits

  • Prediction of your optimal pricing point

  • Determine your price elasticity and cross-elasticity and cannibalization

Marketing Mix Model

  • Understand your maxiumum return on marketing investment - ROMI

  • Reduce your cost with our accurate planning 

  • Increase promotional response rates and customer advocacy

Market Basket Analysis

  • Generated targeted customer compaigns for your products

  • Generated targeted campaign triggers for your products

  • incremental sales and profit

Churn Propensity

  • Churners for retention identification

  • Target churners at the correct time 

  • Validation of churn cycle duration of business

  • Prioritization of higher value customers for retention

Demand Forecasting

  • Understanding customer demand drivers

  • Generate future scenarios to plan how much marketing funds to budget and allocate

  • Reduce eccessive marketing spending while meeting your customer demand